Keep in mind that the prices will increase or decrease based on final word count and that there are payment plans listed as well. : )

*If you choose to edit with us, we offer a sample edit of the first few pages free of charge!

Beta Reading: $.0025 Per Word:
This is one of the first stages of revision. If you aren't ready to have your piece completely re-worked and just want a second opinion on the plot, characters, and general suggestions, this is the package for you. We will read your manuscript and then send you extensive notes on how you can make your writing stronger.

Detailed Copy Editing: $.0035 Per Word:
Do you think your manuscript is fine as far as plot and characterization goes, but aren't sure about the grammar, punctuation, spelling, word choice, transitions, or sentence structure? With this package, we cover all of those things!

Proof Reading: $.0045 Per Word:
(For more than one read through, add $50)
Proof Reading is a combination of beta reading and copy editing. We will check over plot and characterization as well fix grammar, punctuation, word choice, and make line edits (sentence structure) suggestions. We will provide comments in the margin of the manuscript for specific suggestions as well as at the end of the piece for general suggestions.

Synopsis Editing: $35 Flat Rate:
If you have a  rough draft of your synopsis or need suggestions for one you aren't sure about, we will do our best to make it clear, concise, and to the point. It is our goal to have people read your synopsis and grab your book!

If you have an essay, poetry collection, or individual short story, tell us about it and we will come up with an appropriate price. 

Turn Around Time:
In general, we try to return the manuscripts as fast as possible. Depending on how long your work is and how many clients we have, the time frame can be anywhere from 1 week to 6 weeks. Of course if you have a specific date you need your work back to you, let us know and we will make you a priority in order to get it back to you on time!

Payment Plans:
Let's be honest. We're writers; most of us are on a budget. That's why we only require a deposit of how ever much you want to/are able to pay when you send us your manuscript. Once we have your piece, you can either pay in increments as we edit your work or pay the entire remaining balance when we are finished with your work. We will always strive to make this process as simple and as feasible for each individual client as possible. 

*Completely edited manuscripts will be returned once the entire balance is paid
*We use PayPal for all transactions.
*We reserve the right to increase price if we determine that more work is necessary than the prices listed above would cover.

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